Turnkey solutions for implementing high school STEM programs

Integrative STEM education is about making connections across more than one discipline. When opportunities to learn math and science are intertwined with the concepts of technology and engineering in an interactive environment, student interest is sparked, communication and collaboration skills are developed, and student competence is fostered.

Festo offers a turnkey solution for implementation of STEM programs for high schools that understand the need to incorporate problem-based learning environments into their education system.

Our STEM solution allows students the opportunity to explore a variety of technologies, while applying math and science theories and fundamentals to complete projects using the engineering design process.

Students learn concepts related to STEM disciplines in a “learning-by-doing” environment through which they gain knowledge and skills that can be transferred to solve other problems, helping them prepare for post-secondary education and future careers.

STEM Learning Clusters

STEM / STEAM solutions through Industrial Training Solutions

STEM For Education From FESTO

FESTO Bionic Flower

Bionic Flower

The Bionic flower is an experiment set inspired by the plant world. It opens and closes its petals in response to external influences such as

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Bionic Swift - FESTO

Bionic Swift

The Bionic Swift is a robotic bird inspired by the swallow that is used for general technical training. The modular experiment system allows the wings

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Bionics Kit FESTO

Bionics Kit

An interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers, computer specialists and biologists from the Bionic Learning Network has developed Bionics4Education together with the didactics experts from Festo

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Virtual Reality STEM / STEAM Education products.

3D Printers for STEM / STEAM

Available products for 3D printing.