Industrial robotics

An important role for Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

As a key component of automation, robotics paves the way for new technologies and opportunities – and also presents you with new challenges where training and operation are concerned. We’ve developed a holistic, comprehensive training concept, consisting of hardware, programming, and simulation software, as well as extensive training documentation.

The Mobile Training Cell for Education

The mobile training cell is perfectly suited for entry into the world of robotics. The complete starter package is aimed especially at schools, universities and company training facilities.

These robot stations will allow students to gain industry recognized skills sets for work in dynamic and complex industrial environments. Our Solution Center can help you to define and satisfy your specific equipment requirements

6 Stages of Human-Robot Collaboration

While the recent move towards collaborative robots has created a lot of excitement, there’s more to adopting a “cobot” than meets the eye. Contact us, let us help you intergrade!

Educational robotics lab essential skill-set for the Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing world

Training students in a Educational robotics lab to interface, program and maintain robotic and automation technology is an essential skill-set for the Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing world.

Sometimes referred to as “cobots”, these collaborative machines are helping to build a safer, more efficient, productive factory of the future, where workers are freed up to focus on more skilled and innovative tasks, and production is “real-time” responsive to customer needs.

Industrial robots solution for Education

Industrial robots define the modern manufacturing environment and are used to fulfill new applications and jobs that continue to grow with technology. As the central component of materials movement, robots must seamlessly interface with assembly line equipment and machine tools. This robotics integration represents a key discipline that requires training of technicians and engineers.

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