MecLab® Mechatronics Training System

MecLab® Mechatronics Training System

The purpose of MecLab® is to provide students an opportunity to learn the practical and theoretical aspects of automation technology. It consists of three separate systems that can be used in combination or as stand-alone stations, sparking student interest in scientific thinking.

MecLab® helps students gain insight into one of the most significant fields of application for automation technology – production technology. The three stations of the mechatronics training system – conveyor, handling, and stacking magazine – are simplified models of typical processes to be found in any automated production plant. Students solve real-world industrial motion control problems. They observe and measure electrical and fluid power laws as they design systems to move, assemble, and sort work pieces within the stations. They gain the ability to design and evaluate production processes and procedures, based on the efficiency of motion and energy conservation.

MecLab® is designed to support STEM concepts by encouraging students to experiment with computerized control of fluid power devices.

Topics Covered

  • Sturdy, modular, and flexible
  • Each system is delivered assembled, in its own storage unit, and ready for immediate use
  • Replicates real industrial production processes
  • Uses only industrial components
  • Students are presented with a diverse range of modification, expansion and programming possibilities