Hologram Health Science

Health Science and Public Services

zSpace provides a suite of applications to provide self-study experiences, hands-on laboratory dissections, and ECG certification preparation. Students understand more deeply with 3D interactive experiences and their engagement soars.

Pathways and Certifications supported by zSpace:

  • Dental Assisting
  • Diagnostic Services
  • ECG Technicians
  • Health Assisting
  • Nursing Assisting
  • Practical Nursing
  • Therapeutic Services
Health Science and Public Services

VIVED Anatomy by VIVED

VIVED Anatomy by VIVED makes dry lab dissection easy, engaging, and interactive. Design and save lab sessions and create quiz questions to support your curriculum.

Virtual ECG by Vizitech

Virtual ECG by Vizitech allows students to practice ECG electrode placement, understand relationships between electrode placement and the ECG strip, and study abnormal ECGs.

Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body

Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body is a human anatomy general reference. Explore human body systems, anatomical structures, musculoskeletal animations, and quiz questions.

True 3D Scholar by Echopixel

True3D Scholar by Echopixel is a proprietary software application that enables a user to visualize and interact with CT and MRI DICOM image data to assist in medical education.

Criminal Justice by Certify-Ed

Criminal Justice by Certify-Ed will allow students to process a crime scene to its fullest extent. Students will explore the areas and talk to witnesses prior to entering the scene.

Dental by Leopoly

Dental by Leopoly supports dental assistant students with a variety of 3D experiences for lifelike dental training. Examine virtual living body structures, discover relationships between various organs, learn about dental problems, oral diseases, dental procedures and more.

Biotechnology by Certify-Ed

Biotechnology by Certify-ED provides students with a solid foundation in biotechnology. Students learn about biotechnology career paths, research, data analysis, laboratory safety, and the use of laboratory equipment in the field of biotechnology.


“You’re preparing a student to go out into the real world. This is the type of technology they are going to be using at work. Since we do train a lot of nurses, a lot of things they work with on the floor is this type of technology.”

Sylvester Hackworth, Ph.D

Biology Professor
Bishop State Community College