Industrial Trades, HVAC / Refrigeration

Industrial trades

Developing essential manual skills for hands-on industrial careers

Despite technological advances and increasing factory automation, many industrial tasks still remain manual and must be performed by resourceful, competent personnel. Our hands-on training solutions support the development of important skills and abilities required for the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of industrial equipment.

If you provide training in industrial and construction trades, you probably spend most of your time in the workshop, guiding learners through practical learning activities. We support you on many levels:

Realistic, safe learning platforms

Well-designed, mobile training hardware, scaled for student use, facilitates learning and optimizes laboratory space. Students will use real-life tools and components, and learn the techniques used in the industry, for a meaningful learning experience.

Universal Transferrable skills

Each system tackles a specific set of skills required for industrial trades workers, ensuring focused, yet comprehensive coverage. The pedagogical approach is designed to allow easy transfer of acquired abilities, techniques, and knowledge in various industry segments.

Turnkey courseware: added value

Courseware offers just the right amount of theory, focusing on practice-oriented, carefully planned exercises, including coverage of troubleshooting and safety. The illustrated, step-by-step exercises promote autonomy and self-learning.




Featured learning solution:

Pipe and steam fitting

Steamfitters and pipefitters fabricate, assemble, install, maintain, and troubleshoot piping systems that carry water, steam, chemicals, or fuel used in heating, cooling, lubricating, and other industrial processes.

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fundamentals of manufacturing


Many manufacturing tasks involve basic skills, such as reading technical drawings, using measuring tools, moving machinery safely, and so on. How can you best impart these skills needed to work in manufacturing? Festo provides varied, practical training opportunities.

Dimensional metrology: Key product measurement skills

In today’s competitive global environment, manufacturing workers need a broad skill set to support their company’s success. Accurate measurement of product dimensions – length, angle, roundness, diameter and more – is critical in the industry to allow quality control at various stages of the manufacturing process. It helps ensure products strictly comply with design specifications. It is the basis for manufacturing quality and excellence.

Product inspection and measurement are part of the daily tasks of many maintenance and production workers such as CNC machine operators, quality control technicians, product designers, mechanical engineers, CMM technicians, and industrial mechanics.

The required knowledge and skills are covered by dimensional metrology – the science of measurement applied to the manufacturing industry


dimensional metrology

Dimensional Metrology

Discover turnkey training packages, complete with course materials, that offer a complete, industry-oriented approach that accelerates the development of expertise in all three subjects. Realistic

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Qualifying machinery-moving experts Machines that need to be moved in industrial settings have different sizes and weight distributions. Riggers are experts at lifting and moving

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Compact Refrigeration Training System

Compact Refrigeration Training System

This system, designed to teach the fundamentals of refrigeration, features a powerful data acquisition system whose tools enable students to easily monitor operating conditions for key information in real-time, simplifying troubleshooting and performance analysis.

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Building HVAC Controls

Building HVAC Controls

The Building HVAC controls training system assists instructors in teaching the fundamentals of modern controls using commercially available components from Johnson Controls, a manufacturer recognized worldwide, featuring the BACnet communication protocol.

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