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Industrial Training Solutions goals are to maximize learning success in educational institutions.  

Industrial Training Solutions is a widely experienced provider of training programs for all levels of technical education.  Whatever your technical training needs may be, we have a program that will work for you. We have worked over 25 years with K-12, Community Colleges and Universities with setting up and maintenance training programs.

Today manufacturing is a high-tech, knowledge-based environment that is generating significate demand for skilled workers.  As a solution to the skills gap, certification also serves as a guiding light for students to fast track their careers and seize flourishing opportunities.

Advancements in Industry 4.0, Virtual/Augmented reality, and Bionics generated more job options in manufacturing over the last 5 years.

Industrial Training Solutions in collaboration with our manufacturers supplies the necessary needs to the K-12, Community Colleges and Universities with educational solutions and workforce development efforts to reach new heights

Industrial Training Solution provides Integrative STEM labs and Bionics4Education with Curriculum for K-12.

On our higher education front, our commitment and focus has remained on developing skilled workers in Industry 4.0 and ensuring students are ready for success.

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