Electricity & Electronics

Industrial Electronics and Electricity

Industrial electronics is a major and growing occupational field, as there is a myriad of electronics applications in industrial and manufacturing processes and equipment. We provide hands-on training solutions that particularly tackle control technology and power electronics, in order to train skilled technicians to be able to install, test, maintain, and repair all kinds of electrical and electronic systems.


Mastering the basics of electricity and electronics is necessary in a wide range of study programs and professions. Since theory and concepts in this field can be abstract and intangible, safe, practical experimentation and proven courseware are the backbone of efficient and effective learning.


Electronic / Electricity / Circuits

Exploratory Electricity and Electronics

Basics of Electricity for Metalworking occupations

A basic knowledge of AC and DC circuits is becoming increasingly important – even in mechanical professions – for understanding many functions and processes in complex systems: this is what the equipment set, Basic Principles of Electrical Engineering for Metalworking Occupations, is targeted to.

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Digital Technology

Communication Electronic

Control Technology

Communications and Radar Technology

Telephony Training Systems - FESTO


Telecommunication technologies and radar technologies both require three components: a transmitter, a transmission medium, and a receiver.

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