Bionic Swift

Bionic Swift - FESTO

Bionic Swift

The Bionic Swift is a robotic bird inspired by the swallow that is used for general technical training. The modular experiment system allows the wings and tail to be independently assembled and controlled by remote control.

In the STEM class, students learn the basics of bird flight and the principle behind how wings flap in a playful way. The project-based approach provides an impressive introduction to scientific and technical concepts, such as the fascination of bird flight, lightweight design, energy efficiency and aerodynamics.

Extremely lightweight, the Bionic Swift weighs less than 40 grams, thereby demonstrating extremely agile flying characteristics as an ultra-light flying object.

The experimental kit includes all materials required for assembly and operation of the Bionic Swift

Topics Covered

  • Understanding and applying biological phenomena
  • Introduction to aerodynamics and lightweight design
  • Learning and testing the fundamentals of bird flight
  • Assembly of wings and tails made of high-tech materials

Learning how to use the remote control

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