Virtual Simulation and Modeling / Courseware

Virtual Simulation and Modeling / Mixed Reality



FluidSIM® is the world’s leading circuit diagram design and simulation program for pneumatics, hydraulics, and electronics.

A unique success story

FluidSIM® has already been distinguished with several awards, including the Expert System Innovation Prize at the XPS Expert Systems Convention in Kaiserslautern, the International Worlddidac Award, and the German Educational Software Prize. With more than 200,000 installations around the world since 1995, FluidSIM® is one of the most successful software packages for mechatronics training.

Robotino SIM

Robotino Software

Robotino SIM is a simulation environment for experimenting with Robotino. It offers you a virtual Robotino in an exciting virtual experimentation environment and allows you to solve a wide array of exercises related to robotics.

Robotino View is the interactive graphical programming environment for Robotino. With Robotino View, control programs for Robotino can be created and executed.



LabVolt Series

RoboCIM software is used to simulate and control the operation of the robot and servo robot systems included in the LabVolt Series, as well as their optional, external devices, such as gravity conveyors, belt conveyors, and linear slides.



The fascination of 3D simulation

CIROS® is software for PLC simulation and offline programming of PLC controlled automation technology systems. A real PLC can be connected to CIROS® via the EasyPort.

Test our comprehensive simulation software for mechatronics systems, automation technology, and robotics for yourself.


Electromechanical Systems Simulation Software

LabVolt Series

LVSIM®-EMS replicates the EMS electromechanical training system – students conduct real experiments with virtual equipment.

Electromechanical Training System (EMS)

EMS combines a modular approach with computer-based data acquisition and control.


LabVolt Series

LVProSim is free simulation software which enables the simulation of various process control scenarios, as well as data acquisition and PID control of an actual process, and has been specially developed for connection to the I/O interface.

I/O interface

The I/O Interface is a module used to interface with a computer for data acquisition and PID control of a real process, and provides interconnection between the process devices and the computer. It performs analog signal and digital signal conversions and sends the information to LVProSim, which is included with the interface.



Our training packages include a combination of workbooks and equipment sets. These packages convey practical and theoretical knowledge in the most effective way, from the fundamentals of technology to complex relationships in a wide range of technology areas.

All practical exercises are supplemented with general technical knowledge and completed with easy-to-understand sample solutions and explanations.

Technical Literature and Textbooks

The technical literature and textbooks provide general technical knowledge as a foundation for understanding technologies and processes. For trainers and teachers, they’re essential for course preparation.

Dictionaries and Manuals

Symbols, rules, standards, formulas etc. You don’t have to keep everything in your head – you just have to know where to find it!