Learning Management Systems (LMS) / Mixed Reality

Our approach to industrial career training

All our learning solutions have one thing in common: and that is the goal of action competence. We don’t want to impart pure knowledge, but rather enable learners to use their acquired skills in practice in a goal-oriented way. That’s why we always combine theory modules with practical training on our learning systems. Modern digital learning solutions support you in combining both in a meaningful way.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Effective skills-building is accomplished by alternating between theory and practice, complemented by actual case studies. Being able to perform hands-on tasks using industry-relevant equipment brings theory to life, and each practical exercise forms the foundation for the next theory-based lesson. Courseware, software, and hardware are designed and integrated in a way that enables learners to absorb, apply, repeat, and reflect on what they’ve learned, at their own speed.

Our learning management systems fulfill the requirements of digital learning. They enable a seamless connection between the digital management of learning materials and real classroom interaction. While students work through the learning modules, instructors/trainers organize, planlearning structures, communicate, expand their learning materials, and track individual learning progress.


Festo Learning Experience

The digital learning portal for individual learning experiences

Through digitalization, we are in a profound transformation process that is changing the way we communicate, work, and learn. Where the possibilities change, the demands on learning and teaching also do. Existing eLearning offers in technical education neglect an essential aspect. And that is possibilities for individual adaptation. Festo LX closes this gap.

Experience digital learning, which is as individual as you are

The digital learning experience portal offers didactically prepared learning content for many technical areas. We combine industry expertise with didactic know-how to create unique learning experiences. The portal is based on multimedia learning nuggets that can easily be adapted and combined to form individual learning paths. In this way, courses can be perfectly tailored to the individual needs of teachers and learners. Through the smart combination of eLearning courses and practical exercises, students ensure their employability in the high-tech industry.

What makes our eLearning courses special?

  • Follow state of the art didactical principles (like content modularization, micro-learning approach and interactive media)
  • Excellent introduction to new (technological) topics
  • Participant guidance and storytelling enhance student motivation
  • Practical and industrial examples for better learning transfer
  • Keep an eye on your learning progress at any time
  • Can be used for self-study during classroom-based trainings or home-schooling activities as no equipment is required
  • Can be integrated into several other training concepts or curricula activities
  • LMS compatibility; smooth integration with training concepts/curricula

Mixed Reality

When virtual and real worlds collide...

If you wear glasses, you see better. If you wear AR or VR goggles, you see more. Augmented and virtual reality enhance the environment with computer-aided information. The real and virtual worlds are colliding; they are “mixed.” Technologies with augmented and virtual reality offer new perspectives on the learning and working worlds of today and tomorrow.

VR Simulator for:

  • EDS® WWTP (wastewater treatment plant) VR Simulator

EDS® WWTP VR Simulator

The EDS® WWTP VR Simulator blurs the boundary between the virtual and the real world: the virtual reality technology puts the user into a three-dimensional world and simulates both the process control system and the primary components of a wastewater treatment plant. The mobile version of the simulator also makes it portable and flexible.



CIROS VR®  The comprehensive simulation environment, CIROS® makes it possible for you to create a virtual image of the CP training factory and its modules. Using this VR environment, students are able to move around in the 3D factory, familiarizing themselves with the environment and completing tasks in the virtual world. Because of the integrated system approach, the virtual reality application is equipped with a complete MES® interface, and therefore, an ERP connection as well (SAP4school). For location-independent learning!

Augmented Reality

In Augmented Reality, the user sees the real world, with additional virtual information displayed as well. A smart phone, a tablet, a head-up display (HUD), a holography system, or augmented reality goggles are required to experience and visualize the virtual level. AR technology is ideally suited for supporting students with additional information through augmented reality – enriching the real-world learning process.

Virtual Reality

Learning by doing increases learning comprehension and knowledge retention. However, the day-to-day operations in industrial factories and the associated productivity goals do not allow for intervening in processes in reality. Training in a VR environment is very realistic and provides incredible opportunities for technical education and training, for example for virtual maintenance work or realistic simulations of otherwise life-threatening situations.