CAD/CAM and machines

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CNC programming and machining – important tasks for many metalworking operations – place great demands on you and your students. We integrate CNC training into our learning systems, fulfilling requirements for modern education and training in the metalworking field. From machine tools and software solutions to operating equipment – we provide training that meets the highest industrial standards.

CNC Technology

From stand-alone solutions to integrated machines – we cover the entire spectrum of modern machining technology. And we place special importance on the implementation of industry standards in the educational setting.

Machining 4.0

CP Factory/Industry 4.0 – the universal IoT (Internet of Things) training factory – integrates professional CNC technology into networked manufacturing systems.

When it comes to integrated machines, we comprehensively address your needs and align ourselves to your company’s respective standard.

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LabVolt Series CNC Machines

With our LabVolt Series, we provide small CNC machines that are specifically designed for education and training.

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Designing learning environments – CAD/CAM and machines

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CNC/CAD Learning Solutions