Networking & Cybersecurity

IT security in networked production

Apply complex knowledge confidently

New communication ways… Communication networks are the backbone of modern production plants. Networking of production locations, systems and components will speed up in this manufacturing paradigm. Data not only flows within the company and its locations, but also to partners in the value chain. Data security and availability are becoming increasingly important, as data volumes will grow exponentially in future. … and their security Millions of cyberattacks are launched every day around the world. In the worst case scenario, these cyberattacks could threaten the very existence of small or mediumsized enterprises. As a result, both the fundamentals of networking and ensuring data security are key aspects of vocational training. Networks and network security will play a significant role in the trainees’ and students’ future careers.

Complete equipment set TP 1333
Professional Qualification

IT security plays an everincreasing role for more and more professions. Mechatronic technicians, industrial electronic technicians and IT specialists need sound professional qualifications. The comprehensive TP 1333 package offers just that with many different interdisciplinary learning scenarios.

Realistic Production Scenarios

Leading industrial companies use the popular Siemens communications technology. It is used in many manufacturing facilities across industries. For realistic practical qualifications, TP 1333 is based on components used in the industry. As a result, trainees and students are optimally prepared for a seamless transition to the job market.

Modular System

The modular structure of the hardware components integrates seamlessly in both classic classroom environments and projectbased work. Trainees and students can structure the individual components modularly and flexibly based on the exercise.

Various lEARNING scenarios

TP 1333 adapts to the spatial situation in the classroom or laboratory. The modules can be positioned flexibly to solve the exercises: on worktables or in an A4 frame. Two EduTrainer with Siemens routers and switches are the heart of the TP 1333. The diverse project exercises and solutions are tailored specifically for the hardware components.

Practical Teachware

Practical Teachware The Teachware was designed to use the TP 1333 with Siemens PLC as a standalone product. It contains detailed practical exercises on applications that are becoming increasingly important in the industry. Theoretical foundations supplement the exercises tailor-made. Pre-configured software setups and sample solutions optimize laboratory-based learning.

The TP 1333 Teachware covers the following key topics for data security in everyday industrial situations:

  • Switching and monitoring
  • Address assignment in production networks
  • Routing and firewall function
  • VLAN-separated production networks
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

TP 1333 Highlights:

  • In-depth knowledge based on fundamental technology
  • Adapted to vocational training, as well as colleges and universities
  • Relevant IT topics for Industry 4.0
  • Presents complex contents understandably 
  • Comprehensive package for holistic learning solutions
  • Modular structure for diverse learning scenarios
  • Realistic learning with industrial components