Process automation

Process automation

Process automation


Maintaining variables such as pressure, flow, level, temperature, and pH within a desired range is of utmost importance when manufacturing goods with a predictable composition and quality. Process automation is a wide and complex field, spreading across several industry segments, thus requiring a large pool of qualified workers. This is where our unrivaled expertise really counts!

Festo – a key partner in the process industry

Our in-depth experience in the fields of both factory and process automation, make us a key player in the process industry, partnering with leading educational, research, and industrial partners. Our process automation learning systems benefit from this know-how, and are tailored to the requirements of different industries.

Comprehensive coverage of the field, from small-scale models to flexible, full-fledged industrial systems

As practical training on actual production and industrial systems is seldom possible, project kits, stations, systems, and full-fledged training platforms optimally prepare learners for the demands of their profession.

The modularity of the learning solutions enables a diverse range of configurations for typical production processes, from very different industries, in a safe learning environment.

Most of our training equipment integrates industrial- and commercial-grade components and communication protocols for realistic training. Some of the systems can even be connected to factory automation systems to expand learning. Our specialists will guide you in the product selection and planning of your ideal process automation laboratory, perfectly tailored to your needs!

Topics Covered


  • Introduction to/Fundamentals of Process Automation
  • Industrial instrumentation and process control