Networking and IT security

Cyber Security

Networking and IT security

The topics of secure communications in machine networks are a vital part of qualification for Industry 4.0. Technicians who are working in networked production environments, like mechatronic and industrial electronic technicians, as well as IT specialists, can become well-prepared for their tasks regarding networking and IT security with our TP 1333 learning system.


TP 1333 is our modular learning concept that combines hardware and software components with courseware to integrate the study of networks and IT security in our qualification programs for I4.0. With TP 1333 complex learning topics like local and remote access for maintenance, Ethernet, switching, routing, encryption, VPN, and virtual LAN can be taught.

TP 1333 offers a complete and valuable didactic solution designed to make learning as efficient as possible. Based on EduTrainer Network and Security, the new course content can be combined with the existing CP Lab, MPS, and CP Factory options, as well as other standard products.


The EduTrainer “Network and Security” is the fundamental hardware component of TP 1333 packages. It is based on the EduTrainer Universal to fit in A4 and ER mounting frames, allowing use in combination with other PLC modules and within learning environments of CP Lab, CP Factory, and MPS 203 I4.0.


Courseware developed for TP 1333 provides networking and security content for classroom scenarios. It is based on detailed, practical exercises which are completed by network basics and device-specific information. Prepared set-ups and sample solutions optimize laboratory work and teaching.


EduTrainer Network and Security includes two industrial SCALANCE communications devices from Siemens: a VPN-capable firewall router, S615, and a managed industrial Ethernet switch, XC208. Additionally, the SINEMA Remote Connect Server (virtual application installed on a PC server) can also be used in secured, remote access scenarios with the NetLab Remote Access Package.

Topics Covered

  • Principles of authentication
  • Password protection
  • Digital certificates
  • Remote access
  • User and device management
  • Server-based access control