Technical Education

Water Management

Water Management Understanding the core processes of the water cycle Water is an essential part of most areas of human life. This includes water in the form of drinking water or service water, as well as water used to generate electrical power. Water management systems are complex and require vigilant operation, as the applications have […]

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Automotive Building the Bridge Between Education and Innovation We know that instructors and educators like you are the foundation for successful and prosperous new generations in automotive tech. We also know that the rapidly developing technological advances of the transportation industry can make it difficult to find consistent and effective solutions for your training program

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Process Automation

Process Automation Complete, expandable training platforms powered by high flexibility Maintaining variables such as pressure, flow, level, temperature, and pH within a desired range is of utmost importance when manufacturing goods with a predictable composition and quality. Process automation is a wide and complex field, spreading across several industry segments, thus requiring a large pool

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Electricity & Electronics

Industrial Electronics and Electricity Industrial electronics is a major and growing occupational field, as there is a myriad of electronics applications in industrial and manufacturing processes and equipment. We provide hands-on training solutions that particularly tackle control technology and power electronics, in order to train skilled technicians to be able to install, test, maintain, and

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Environmental & Renewable Energy

Environmental technology and renewable energy Our environmental technology and renewable energy sources training systems reimagine the traditional approaches to training, from the need to understand the base science to how, for example, location and environmental issues affect the ability of a renewable energy source to work. They translate theory into hands-on equipment that introduces practical,

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Electric Power Technology

Electric power technology Electric Power is created by a generator at a power plant, then transmitted from the plant to the distribution grid, and sent from there to end users like homes, businesses, electric vehicle charging stations, etc. Our world-leading training program in electric power technology fully addresses the increasingly diversified needs for training in

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Fiber Optics & 5G

Introduction to Network Cabling Fiber Optic-Based Systems Introduction to Network Cabling Fiber Optic – Based Systems provides students with the theoretical and hands-on knowledge of Fiber Optics. Students learn the basics of cable termination, testing, and troubleshooting while using high-tech analysis equipment. During this 30 hour course, students learn the science of light and optics.

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Industrial robotics An important role for Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) As a key component of automation, robotics paves the way for new technologies and opportunities – and also presents you with new challenges where training and operation are concerned. We’ve developed a holistic, comprehensive training concept, consisting of hardware, programming, and simulation software,

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3D Printers

Fablicator MX and Fablicator SX NOT YOUR AVERAGE 3D PRINTER! Built-in 64bit Windows PC controlling the printer, and allowing in system CAD design. Industrial design for reliability, ease of maintenance, and repairability All Metal Nozzle, precision machined from stainless steel and aluminum Extremely rigid extruded aluminum frame and heavy duty linear bearings Prints with a

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STEM / STEAM Turnkey solutions for implementing high school STEM programs Integrative STEM education is about making connections across more than one discipline. When opportunities to learn math and science are intertwined with the concepts of technology and engineering in an interactive environment, student interest is sparked, communication and collaboration skills are developed, and student

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