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The range of EMCO products extends from the conventional lathes and milling machines to CNC turning centers and vertical machining centers through to fully automatic manufacturing cells. Central considerations in the development of EMCO machines: Design to Cost.

The future is for everyone: The concept of EMCO Industrial Training
Regardless of the industry and irrespective of individual concerns or philosophies, the concept of EMCO Industrial Training provides the best possible conditions for successful training. It is based on a modular principle which can easily be adapted to the needs and requirements of particular companies and partners.

The training concept not only includes Concept machines and Software which simulate the industrial demands in the best manner possible, but also training resources designed to compliment them perfectly – the Courseware.

Multimedia classroom WinTutorials tailored to the individual machines and control systems have been developed to back up the workshop training. Whether for individual workpieces, or an entire 4-stroke engine, realistic function models make the CNC training more effective, and increase students’ motivation.

Unlimited Consulting Services are another key element in the concept of EMCO Industrial Training. From determining individual clients’ requirements with regard to machines, software, and courseware, through the provision of advice on project planning and financing, to joint project implementation with high-quality training provided by individual instructors on machine, operation and programming using training materials: EMCO Industrial Training guides the clients through every stage of the project. It also guarantees unlimited, continuous support and advice throughout the training process.

Machines with added value.
EMCO Industrial Training provides universally applicable training which can be tailored to individual requirements, and which allows the skills learned to be applied quickly to industrial CNC manufacturing.

The idea of the interchangeable control, which EMCO Industrial Training has integrated into all its Concept machines, has proved extremely effective in achieving this. This allows the user to be trained to use the different CNC controls commercially available in the industry on one single machine. People who have trained on EMCO machines are then able to work on almost any CNC machine in a wide range of companies.

All that is needed to change to a different control unit is to start up the appropriate software and change the control-unit-specific keyboard module, which takes just a minute. In this way, up to nine controls can be taught on one single machine from the Concept range. Of course, EMCO Industrial Training is also constantly working on new WinNC control units, so that Concept machines can continue to be upgraded quickly and easily with the latest CNC controls.

In times of intense competition and a shortage of skilled workers, this is a great advantage; not just for future specialists, but also for businesses. As well as opening up a wide range of professional opportunities and perspectives for CNC technicians, this creates a pool of expertly trained staff that companies can draw upon, regardless of the machines and control systems used.

Trainees learn the basics of metal machining using the reliable conventional EMCO machines provided – with and without cycle control. By using Concept machines, which are all fitted with the globally unique interchangeable control concept, they acquire expertise in industrial manufacturing with CNC turning and milling machines. The next few pages continue on the theme of education, and will introduce to you a selection of EMCO’s new developments which are mainly used for training purposes.


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