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Customized Training Equipment and Services

DarbyTech Training Equipment Inc. (DarbyTech) custom designs and manufactures equipment used in chemical process operations in the energy sector. The company is a leading global supplier of process operations training equipment which is recognized around the world as the industry standard.

DarbyTech equipment supports hands-on training for process engineers and operators, including:

  • Gas plant operators
  • Refinery operators
  • Petrochemical plant operators
  • Chemical engineers
  • Chemical engineering technologists
  • Researchers

DarbyTech trainers, demonstrators and laboratory training equipment are widely acclaimed for their quality, and safety features, in addition to their functional training capabilities. The equipment provides newly-graduated engineers, technicians and process operators with the hands-on skills they need to go directly into the workplace, making them highly sought after by industry recruiters and operations managers.

Three Phase Separator TrainerPipeline Pigging DemonstratorWell-Bore Hydraulic DemonstratorDistillation Trainer Control RoomBinary Distillation TrainerChemical Reactor Trainer

DarbyTech Trainers

DarbyTech trainers are designed to demonstrate industry-typical chemical processes as well as the associated process control methodologies. Each trainer is fully instrumented and automated using industry-typical Distributed Control (DCS) or Programmable Logic (PLC) control systems. The trainer systems use REAL chemical and physical processes on a training-appropriate scale to train students in both process operations and control.

Industrial Process Trainers

Renewable Energy Trainers

DarbyTech Demonstrators

DarbyTech demonstrator units are smaller and less complex than the full process control trainer options offered. Demonstrators are fully functional process units that use manually operated controls to demonstrate key concepts (individually) in both process operations and control. The demonstrator units give students hands-on process control experience in addition to demonstrating the key process concepts



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